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The AD is  PPR and usually open, according to NOTAM.

All visitors are welcome, please don't forget  the Previous Permission  request by phone : (+41 91 8802030).

Landing tax may be paid at the C office or to our account: Postfinance 65-8471-9

Visual approach chart
Visual approach chart
AD info 1
AD info 1
VFR guide
AD info 1
Landing procedures


  • Standard report on AFIS 118.530 MHz


  • The touchdown point must be mandatory behind the displaced threshold.

  • To activate the barriers  push 5 times in an interval of 1 second end of downwind and before TKOF on FREQ 118.530.


  • A voice message will confirm the trasmitted impulse.


  • The barrier will remain closed for 3 min.


  • Perform a Backtrack. The Taxiway is no more available.

  • The Parking area is in front of the C office (Hangar 5)

For based aircraft only
Landing fees

0 to 999 Kg     CHF 12.00

1000 to 1999 Kg   CHF 18.00

2000 to 2999 Kg   CHF 30.00

up to 3000 Kg   CHF 50.00

Parking is free of charge

QR code for landing fees 
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